A Night on the Town.
  • Arrived back in town and dropped off the rescued farmers.
  • The constable guy gave us fat bags of gold for our efforts.
  • Carlos blew his share on a pissload of ale and proceeded to drink himself into unconsciousness.
  • After lengthy discussion, Torben finally helps an unconscious Sandro put his insides back inside where they belong and seals the gap with a couple of cure spells.
  • Met a slutty druid named Ty-something. Nice lady, she sewed a seriously maimed Jordan back together with a heal spell of her own then tagged along when we toured the town.
  • Met the blacksmiths Jorn and Algrim. Commissioned some weapons, they’ll be ready in a week. They’re currently busy finishing an order of horse tackle for some new trader visiting town.
  • Decided to check out the new trader in town and find out what the fuss was about.
  • Headed to the Marketplace.
  • Turns out the trader had a ton of gear but is a cheap bastard with shitty prices.
  • Ya’ana and Ty attempt to seduce the trader for better prices but he ignores their flirtatious advances.
  • We ended up blowing a ton of gold for new equips anyway.
  • Ty ended up blowing the trader for new equips too.
  • Went back to the tavern and rejoined Carlos.
  • Carlos, Jordan, and Demitri decided to get piss-drunk together so Carlos ordered another couple of casks.
  • Carlos, Jordan, and Demitri started a fight with a group of tough looking men from out-of-town. The fight somehow ends up outside and there’s miraculously no property damage.
  • The three retards manage to knock out two of the men pretty easily but the third brute pops a potion before engaging then goes all roid-rage on their asses. He wipes the floor with the three of them and then carries off his two unconscious comrades much to the amusement of the rest of the party.
  • The party decides to call it a night and attempts to get some sleep, but only an extremely hungover Carlos manages to sleep through Ty and the merchant’s incessant rutting.

The End.

They're Coming.
A lonley orc mourns the death of his comrades...

Last night I heard the death screams of my comrades as mercenaries murdered them without provocation. This morning it appears that they’ve discovered the entrance into the lower levels under the ruins and have proceeded to head down and explore. After senselessly invading and slaying innocent dungeon wildlife, the group of rampaging bandits killed our leader and a number of our goblin friends. Three of us were checking on the prisoners at the time and escaped the slaughter but Grom give us strength, I fear we are next. From the smells coming from our old base, it seems they’ve settled in for the night and are now roasting food. Our food. Murder must work up an appetite. I fear there is no escape from my fate and I will surely die tomorrow however I swear to Grom I will try to take at least one of them down with me. I only wish I could have told my mate that I love her…

- From the Journal of Forgosh

…or would have been if he was literate and knew how to write.

Formerly "On the subtlety of dungeon crawling, an Ode by Ya'ana Alaemitore"
Murdurous Halfling slaughters orcs in an unprovoked attack. Comrades-in-Arms attempt to exact revenge but are also cut down by the Halfling's Merc Accomplices.

I’ve become impatient with certain party members so I’ve taken the liberty of writing the log entry myself.
– The GM

After an evening of careful scouting, the party decided to let Jordan sneak into the encampment and attempt to take out the orcish guards. Her infiltration was successful and she immediately started to stealthily dispatch orcs single-handedly. Unfortunately, her boldness got the better of her when a couple of the remaining orcs spotted her snooping about and raised the alarm. Without immediate party backup, she was owned by an orcish falchion to the sternum and went down hard. The rest of the party (who were hiding back in the treeline surrounding the ruins) eventually realized something was wrong and charged in to save their comrade. After a brief and bloody battle, the remaining orcs were dead and Jordan was magically sewn back together by Torbin the Cleric. All was well. Dusk had arrived rapidly so the party decided to make camp before nightfall. Nothing like going to bed amid ancient (possibly haunted) ruins littered with the bodies of orcs you just murdered…

The Journal of Carlos Phatbeard, Entry #245
We reach the ruins and the orcish encampment

Today was an EPIC DAY for CARLOS. But before we get into that, let me start from the beginning. So the previous day, we killed a number of Goblins and also ran into this group of orcs as well. Being the most brave dwarf of the group, I thought I would strategically place myself in the front lines and fight the brutes so my allies could take them out when they were off guard.

Thanks to my selfless behaviour, Ari was able to do a number on them with her magic (which she would have never been able to do unless inspired by such heroic actions like what I did). So we sleep for the night and next morning, Demetri is no where to be found. My one and only rival disappears and does not leave me a single message?! He better not be killing beasts without me, because that is cheating in our competition. Well anyways, I’m confident that he’ll return sooner or later. As soon as we lose a member in our party, we happen to run into Torban (who i name Torb because he looks weak) and decides to join our party. It looks like he was lost and I graciously offer him to join our group so we can help him get back to whenever he was (plus having a cleric around might be useful, not for me of course, because I am a mighty beast on the battlefield but for the other people who are not as skilled as I am).

A few hours later, we run into a broken bridge and a dried up river, and I smartly suggest we head into the forest to avoid the vulnerability of the river bed. AND AS SOON AS WE DID, Jana spots a smoke ahead and we rush in to see what is was. Turns out an orc group had made a encampment in the riverbed and hadn’t notice us. My group members wanted to sneak in and take out the orcs all at once but where is the fun in that. SO AGAIN, being the most brave dwarf of the group, I rushed in and killed two orcs right away by pushing a boulder (which weighed 2 tons) onto the riverbed, instantly crushing them in it’s path. I then jump from the cliff onto the riverbed and behead the orc in front of me. Another orc comes rushing from behind but me, CARLOS PHATBEARD is always ready and turned around quickly to behead him as well. In the meantime, my group stand idle and cheered me on because they knew that I could single handingly take these orcs myself. Even the bard knew that and sang a song in my honour.

Other than that, the rest of the day was boring, someone killed a rat or something and we apparantly lost a weasel. Eh not important. Next day, we’re going to infiltrate the orc encampment and save these farmers from certain doom. Hopefully Demetri will show up and he can lose to me whilst I slay all these pathetic orcs and goblins down. CARLOS TO SAVE THE DAY ONCE AGAIN. HURRAH.

Leaving Town
the first goblin battle

The next day the adventurer’s set out from town towards the ruins. They followed a narrow old road, long overgrown from disuse that led out across farm fields and into the woods that surrounded the town. After several long uneventful hours of hiking along the rough, uneven road, they encountered an elvish ranger who introduced himself as Kiel Aerdeth, one of the local rangers. He explained that he’s been busy tracking orc and goblin raiding parties in an effort to keep tabs on their activities. He also warned that several groups of raiders had been spotted along the road and suggested the adventurers stay on their toes. Sure enough, soon after he left, the party encountered a small group of five goblin raiders. Both parties were caught by surprise. Thanks to Kiel’s warning, the adventurer’s quickly recovered and reacted first. They let loose a hail of bolts and arrows striking down all the goblins save one in the first round. The last goblin received a mere crossbow bolt through the arm but this was enough to send him fleeing off into the woods. The adventurers put up a short chase but soon lost the goblin in the thick underbrush and decided to celebrate their first victory together instead. After scaring away all the local wildlife with loud hurrah-ing, the adventurer’s continued on their way, without the knowledge that a sinister plot was being put into action against them farther along the road.

The lone goblin that had gotten away had managed to find some of his tougher orc buddies and as a group they decided to set up an ambush for the PC’s farther along the road. Despite their efforts, the orcs’ hasty ambush was noticed by Dimitri, a keen eared ranger and Carlos, the vigilant dwarf fighter. The pair immediately attacked the orcs with bow and sword, Dimitri felling one orc with an arrow between the eyes. The other three adventurers were still caught by surprise but the orcs, now on the defensive, were unable to capitalize on their ambush. Despite killing one orc and rendering the ambush a failure, the two warriors lacked the momentum to finish the orcs off. Neither side could effectively hit each other in the dense woods until an unlucky blow from an orcish falchion deeply wounded Carlos putting his life in severe danger. Locked in close combat with an orcish brute, no one was able to come to his aid. FInally, Ari’elis the mage came to her senses and realized what was going on, reacting with a flash of arcane energy unheard of for a mage of her caliber. Five glowing missiles streaked from her finger tips and into the woods, twisting and weaving through all obstacles to strike true against their targets. The first to be hit was the orc fighting Carlos. The dwarf watched as two balls of force slammed into the orc’s body, killing him before he even hit the ground. Another two stuck the second orc, and arcane energy blasted the life from his body. The goblin that had previously run away had been hiding behind the orcs during the whole battle but with them now dead he again began to consider the thought of fleeing. This idea entered his head for no longer than a second before the last magic missile followed and put and end to such cowardly thoughts. As the final enemy was defeated the adventurers breathed a sigh of relief and began the usual post battle routine. Carlos’ wounds were treated and the bodies of the orcs and goblin were looted for equipment and treasure. This particular group of orcs must have slain an unfortunate traveling aristocrat because they found a small box filled with platinum pieces strapped to the belt of one of the orcs. Between the orcs and the goblins fought earlier, they were also able to find several hundred silver pieces in small change, probably stolen from helpless farmers and commoners. Afterwards, the group decided to sit down and take a short break to catch their breath, a short respite before facing the next dangers awaiting them on their quest…

After the battle, Ari’elis was never able to explain how she was able to let lose such a powerful spell at her level. She says it was just an instinctive emotional reaction and it was unplanned. Some scholars suggest this was sign of latent natural sorcerous talent while others simply say it was a sign of her abilities to come. One mage hypothesized that it was just the result of a chance alignment of arcane energy. Whatever the reason, all in all, scholars everywhere agree that it was a fluke in the mysterious arcane weave of the universe and will probably never happen again.

Nobody ever suspected it was because the DM screwed up and misread the rules.

The Adventure Begins...
"...they meet over mugs of ale in a tavern."
You begin your adventure in the the town of Guerreford, a tiny Borderlands town of only 247 residents. For the past few years there have been reports of increased goblin and orc raids in the surrounding towns and borderlands area. While for decades such raids were an accepted part of a Borderlander’s life, what was once a once or twice a year occurrence has become far more frequent and deadly. Guerreford has unfortunately just been victim to one such raid which left three farmers dead and two others missing. The local militia cannot be spared for a search lest the goblins attack the town directly and Constable Hayden, head of the Guerreford militia, has resorted to sending out messengers to surrounding towns to put out a summons for any and all adventurers or mercenaries willing to take up the task of finding the missing farmers. You have answered that call and made the journey to Guerreford. Upon arrival at the town you’re directed by a villager to the militia offices where meet Constable Hayden, head of the town militia. He explains that two local elvish rangers spotted a number of goblin and orc gangs in the area and recently tracked a group of goblins to a local ruin. They reported that orcs and goblins appear to have made a camp in and around the ruins but the elves were unable to get close or confirm the welfare or the location of the missing farmers due to the heavy goblin presence. From speaking with Hayden you learn that several other individuals have also answered the summons and are staying at the only place available for travelers in the town, The Broken Horn Inn and Tavern. You get a room for the night and later that evening head to the adjoining tavern for a meal. It is there that you meet the other adventurers. After a long night of sharing drinks and trading stories you agree to work together to tackle the impending challenge. After all, there’s safety in numbers. That night you go to bed with the comfort of knowing that for once in your life, you’re running off into certain danger with someone watching your back.
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