A Night on the Town.


  • Arrived back in town and dropped off the rescued farmers.
  • The constable guy gave us fat bags of gold for our efforts.
  • Carlos blew his share on a pissload of ale and proceeded to drink himself into unconsciousness.
  • After lengthy discussion, Torben finally helps an unconscious Sandro put his insides back inside where they belong and seals the gap with a couple of cure spells.
  • Met a slutty druid named Ty-something. Nice lady, she sewed a seriously maimed Jordan back together with a heal spell of her own then tagged along when we toured the town.
  • Met the blacksmiths Jorn and Algrim. Commissioned some weapons, they’ll be ready in a week. They’re currently busy finishing an order of horse tackle for some new trader visiting town.
  • Decided to check out the new trader in town and find out what the fuss was about.
  • Headed to the Marketplace.
  • Turns out the trader had a ton of gear but is a cheap bastard with shitty prices.
  • Ya’ana and Ty attempt to seduce the trader for better prices but he ignores their flirtatious advances.
  • We ended up blowing a ton of gold for new equips anyway.
  • Ty ended up blowing the trader for new equips too.
  • Went back to the tavern and rejoined Carlos.
  • Carlos, Jordan, and Demitri decided to get piss-drunk together so Carlos ordered another couple of casks.
  • Carlos, Jordan, and Demitri started a fight with a group of tough looking men from out-of-town. The fight somehow ends up outside and there’s miraculously no property damage.
  • The three retards manage to knock out two of the men pretty easily but the third brute pops a potion before engaging then goes all roid-rage on their asses. He wipes the floor with the three of them and then carries off his two unconscious comrades much to the amusement of the rest of the party.
  • The party decides to call it a night and attempts to get some sleep, but only an extremely hungover Carlos manages to sleep through Ty and the merchant’s incessant rutting.

The End.


My innards must’ve looked very glorious in the sunlight. Also, I commissioned Jailbait for a Bastard Sword. We’ll have to come around town in a week.

A Night on the Town.

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