They're Coming.

A lonley orc mourns the death of his comrades...

Last night I heard the death screams of my comrades as mercenaries murdered them without provocation. This morning it appears that they’ve discovered the entrance into the lower levels under the ruins and have proceeded to head down and explore. After senselessly invading and slaying innocent dungeon wildlife, the group of rampaging bandits killed our leader and a number of our goblin friends. Three of us were checking on the prisoners at the time and escaped the slaughter but Grom give us strength, I fear we are next. From the smells coming from our old base, it seems they’ve settled in for the night and are now roasting food. Our food. Murder must work up an appetite. I fear there is no escape from my fate and I will surely die tomorrow however I swear to Grom I will try to take at least one of them down with me. I only wish I could have told my mate that I love her…

- From the Journal of Forgosh

…or would have been if he was literate and knew how to write.


..Somehow, I feel no remorse as a player. Sandro, on the other hand, feels a bit awkward.

They're Coming.

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