Alessandro "Sandro" Ildefonse Latarnia XVII

The Paragon of the Blond Pretty Boy



STR: 17 +3
DEX: 9 -1
CON: 11 +0
INT: 10 +0
WIS: 16 +3
CHA: 13 +1

AC: 15

HP: 10






none at the moment

Name: Long Sword
Type: Slashing
Dmg : 1d8

Name: Short Bow
Type: Piercing
Dmg : 1d6


Name: Scale Mail
Type: Medium
AC Bonus: +4
Check Penalty: - 4

Name: Heavy Wooden Shield
Type: Shield
Armor Class: +2
Check Penalty:-2


Feat – Weapon Focus (Long Sword) pg.119
Feat - Cleave - Power Attack

Climb                    0 ranks
Diplomacy                4 ranks
Heal                     4 ranks
Jump                     0 ranks
Knowledge (Nob. & Roy.)  4 ranks
Search                   0 ranks
Spellcraft               0 ranks


“I’m not just A pretty boy, I’m THE pretty boy.”

Alignment: Lawful good.

Physical Description: 19 years old, 5’11" and weighs 152 lbs. Platinum blond hair, Eyes of vivid Amber. Light tan skin with a mole on the corner of his right eye, freckles, and dimples on both sides of his face. Wears Scale Mail with the mark of the Order of St. Douchebag on the shoulders. Laterality is right-handed.

Personality: (+)Righteous at the very core, valiant, passionate, benevolent and well-educated. Has his eyes set on many goals however, side-quests are inevitable. Very loyal to those who have gained his trust. Possesses strong convictions. Hardy and optimistic in nature as well.(-) Vainglorious, rather cheeky, likes to test people, impulsive, coy, playfully sarcastic and….ultimately weird.

Goals/motivations: Seeking adventure and being as far from his nagging parents as possible. Also looking for his long-lost childhood friend. The thought of traveling is enough to make him go to great lengths for the party.

Religion: ???. He finds the stereotype of being the “Knight in Shining Armour” very appealing. He also believes that one must not turn away from an obstacle and that one must still keep his Pride when fighting.

Prized possessions: An old pair of Brass knuckles in case he gets cornered without any other weapon. An old compass from his dearest friend, whom he lost 15 years ago. Still believes he is floating somewhere in the universe. Lastly, a gold ring from his parents that he received from becoming a Knight. The initials engraved read: “A.I.L. XVII” (Note that he shall never sell this even if he becomes so desperate in life.)


From the Holy Kingdom of Klammeraffe, Sandro had just recently graduated from his lousy Squire phase and into a full-fledged member of the Knights of St. Douchebag. He is a spunky and obviously charming young man, though only 19, he possesses a righteous nature from being raised by his mum and dad, the Royal Strategist and Knight Captain respectively. He had always been passionate about adventures as well as having an unquenchable thirst for freedom and the unknown; this is mostly why his life sucked back when he was still a Page and Squire. Especially when he had to rescue his assigned Knight numerous times from Acid sandpits, rivers of lava, and exploding sea monkeys. It wasn’t a pretty sight after the first one.

The only reason he managed to get away from his parents as well as his retarded Squire, Elmundo, was that he managed to convince the King that he was going to defeat “the marauding village idiot that lives under a bridge in some foreign scumbag country. In case of any accidents.” Basically, he bullshitted his way out, though not a very noble thing to do; hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

He’s a very cheeky fellow; he relentlessly flirts with both genders and likes to act gay just for the heck of testing their tolerance. Quite the chick magnet but don’t get him wrong, he isn’t interested; he’s too engaged in his current exploits. He may seem happy and upbeat 99% of the time but he does have his own personal trials to face.

Back when he was a child, he had always dreamt of traveling the world in an odyssey of his own and up to now, that passionate dream has never swayed by even an inch. He always carries an old compass that has been an important memento to him; He received this from his best friend from childhood. They both vowed to go off on an adventure together as soon as they were both knighted; but this promise had been shattered when his best friend vanished from the last castle siege, 15 years ago. He still believes that his friend is alive somewhere in the foreign lands. He aims to find him in the midst of his adventure into unknown territory. He misses him a lot that as a result, he warms up to people very well if they show a slight resemblance to his friend because it is the only way of reassuring him that there is still hope in his convictions.

He can be a little too vainglorious at times, but he does have the right to brag. After all, who else is able to convince a King using basic hogwash? Plus a number of other noteworthy feats attributed to him that would be too bizarre to mention.

Will his party members be strong enough to handle is undying pluck?

Will he ever find his long-lost friend in the long road ahead?

Should he or should he not flirt with Phatbeard ?

The answers to them, we do not know.

All except for that last one.

It’s definitely a NO.



Likes: Food, adventures/travel, siestas, freedom, carnivals/fiestas, Dressing-up, little furry things, comedy, himself, things that are FUBAR, the sea, nature, ruins, ghost/monster hunting.

Dislikes: People without any sense of humour, annoying retards like his Squire, limitations, unsavoury wenches, compulsive liars, a more arrogant person, the mentally/emotionally weak, the shallow, Squash, his parents’ “fits of madness”.

Alessandro "Sandro" Ildefonse Latarnia XVII

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