Torben Insanequake



STR: 12 +1
DEX: 15 +2
CON: 12 +1
INT: 9 -1
WIS: 15 +2
CHA: 15 +2

AC: 18

HP: 9



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Name: Heavy Mace
Type: Bludgeoning
Dmg : 1d8 +1

Name: Light Crossbow
Type: Piercing
Dmg : 1d8


Name: Scale Mail
Type: Medium
AC Bonus: +4 
Check Penalty: - 4

Name: Heavy Wooden Shield
Type: Shield
Armor Class: +2
Check Penalty:-2


Feat – Scribe Scroll
Feat - Empower Spell

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Character Building

Alignment: Lawful good.

Physical Description: Has light brown hair that is cut in a rather embarassing way, so he wears his hood over his head at all times. He has grey eyes. Due to not being outside much, his skin is rather pale. He is 5’10" and weighs 150 lb. Wears a robe from the Church of Totoro along with scale mail underneath

Personality: Religious, hesitant, nervous (almost on the border of scaredy-cat). He is a bit naive of the world as he has not experienced it much (ie, he doesn’t get sarcasm).

Goals/motivations: He hopes he can use the way of Totoro to help anyone he can while learning more about it himself. He dreams of being the head Priests of the Church of Totoro

Religion: A devout member of the Church of Totoro. Totoro highly preaches how one should be friendly to your neighbour and help where there is evil about. Torben often refers to the Totoro Scripture to help him in almost every aspect of life.

Prized possessions: His book of Totoro Scripture (which he copied himself), his robe belt and shield that was given to him by his mentor.


Born in a small rural town to the wealthiest family of the area. Torben is the youngest of five brothers, though they are all much older than him (the closest being eight years older). While his brothers would join their father on his merchant trade trips, Torben would stay with his mom and became a bit of a “momma’s boy”. He was a quiet child who was happy doing whatever as long as he was with his mom.

Unfortunately, when he was ten, his mother passed away. At a lost at what to do with him, his father put him in the care of the local church, the Church of Totoro. Torben finds solace in the church and, at the recommendation of the priest, he is sent to the headquarters of Totoro to be a student and eventual priest. Over the next nine years, Torben becomes a favourite among the head priests and young students but finds it hard to make friends with those his own age. After he turns 20, he is initiated from student to cleric. To further his education, he must venture out into the world to spread the word of Totoro and help those in need.

“Please don’t let me go!”

Despite his pleas of staying at the place he has called home for half his life, the Church makes him go and apply his learning to real life situations. He grudgingly sets off but plans on returning as soon he possibly can.

Likes: Anything sweet or really spicy foods, listening to music played on the lute, reading, and being reassured by others.

Dislikes: People that make fun of his haircut, mushrooms, things that scurry too much or make sudden movement, and cruelity of any kind.

Torben Insanequake

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