Lady Ya'ana, First Daughter of the Aleamitore Family




STR: 11 +0
DEX: 17 +3
CON: 9 -1
INT: 12 +1
WIS: 8 -1
CHA: 17 +3

AC: 16

HP: 5


REF SAVE: +5 (+3)
WIL SAVE: +1 (+3)

0th Level: 5 (Mending, Ghost Sound, Dancing Lights, Prestidation, Mage Hand)
1st Level: 2 (Silent Image, Grease)

Name: Long Sword
Type: Slashing
Dmg : 1d6

Name: Light Crossbow
Type: Piercing
Dmg : 1d6


Name: Studded Leather
Type: Medium
AC Bonus: +3 
Check Penalty: -1

Feat – Dodge
(6 + Int modifier) ×4 + (LVL2 + 7).

Perform (String Instr.)4 ranks + CHA 3
Gather Information     4 ranks + CHA 3
Diplomacy              4 ranks (+2 synergy from Bluff) + CHA 3
Sleight of Hand        4 ranks (+2 synergy from Bluff) + DEX 3
Intimidate             0 ranks (+2 synergy from Bluff) + CHA 3
Knowledge (History)    1 ranks + INT 1
Spellcraft             4 ranks + INT 1
Bluff                  5 ranks (Bonus for disguise checks) + CHA 3
Use Magic Device       4 ranks + CHA 3
Tumble                 5 ranks (+3 dodge bonus to AC when fighting defensively) + DEX 3
Balance                0 ranks (+2 synergy from Tumble) + DEX 3
Jump                   0 ranks (+2 synergy from Tumble) + STR 0
Spot                   0 ranks (+2 racial) - WIS 1
Listen                 0 ranks (+2 racial) - WIS 1
Search                 0 ranks (+2 racial) + INT 1


Name Origin
Ya’ana (bridge/path/way make/maker)
Alea-mitore (Traders in the moon)

History of Lady Ya’ana, First Daughter of the Aleamitore Family, and Former Heir to the Clan Arcane Legacy

Part One, Early Childhood:
Born the daughter of a prestigious elf family, Lady Ya’ana Aleamitore was the heir to a long line of elvish mages. Brought up in a noble household she had a very sheltered upbringing and made few friends. She grew up in her parents library, more interested in burying herself in tomes filled with great heroes, ancient legends, terrible fiends and the stories of yore then partaking in the pomp and circumstance of court life. She frequently sneaked off to a secret glen hidden in a the surrounding forest that she had discovered in the middle of her second decade. She would take with her books from the family library and spent her days reading while surrounded by nature. One day while at her glen she met another young elf, Arielis who happened to be wandering around in the area. They both were loners and quickly connected, striking up a tight friendship that would last for many years.

Part Two, School Years:
Upon reaching school age, both girls were enrolled in the most prestigious magic academy of the elvish city, Rilyynneldth School of Arcane Magic. Ya’ana’s parents wished for her to follow the family legacy while Arielis had natural talent and the school seemed a logical choice to help develop her growing abilities. Ya’ana had little interest in her studies however and the only thing that kept her from failing was Arielis’s constant support. Arielis was a natural mage, she learned quickly, and was soon achieving the top scores in her class. Both girls however, still found difficulty connecting with any of the other elves due to their unique backgrounds. It was around this time both girls gained a rebellious streak, Ya’ana started studying music after discovering the wealth of stories in ballads and songs and frequently skipped class to do so, sneaking off to local elvish venues to perform and Arielis became increasingly jaded with her teachers outdated and impractical methods of teaching, vocally challenging teachers methods in class and out performing their own demonstrations.

Part Three, Their Final Year:
It was during their final year of study, shortly after final examinations were completed (Ya’ana scored lowest, only barely passing with Arielis’s help, Arielis scored highest, naturally) when Ya’ana’s forays into the city were discovered. Her performances and bardic reputation had gained a fair amount of recognition in the city over the past few years and this eventually reached the ears of the school head mages. They took immediate action and expelled her two days before her graduation. She became a campus legend the day she left, her spectacular voice and incredible grace were unforgettable by those who witnessed it as she danced and sang her whole way out of the school. Her parents, furious, threatened to disown her and in a fit, she packed up her belongings, including her prized lute, and made a vow to come back one day and prove to her parents that her bardic talents are just as valuable as any mage’s. Soon after leaving the city, her best friend, Arielis caught up to her on the road. She had heard the news of her expulsion and decided to quit too. (You should have seen the look on the head mages’ faces, they were beside themselves with losing their star pupil) She had been set to graduate in two days with top honours but she didn’t care. She explained that she didn’t need a diploma or some old geezers to tell her that she had completed her studies and was their top student. Her best friend was more important. Since she had nowhere else to go after school, she figured she might as well get a head start on life and join Ya’ana on her quest.

Part Four, The Two Girls Walk Off Into The Sunset, The End:
The two girls walk off into the sunset, the end…or is it just THE BEGINNING?! DUH DUH DUHHHH!!


Likes: Tales of Ye Heroes Olde. Romantic Stories, in particular Lafihaleth (Night-sadness-eternal) and Sha’isalitae (Sun-love-sweet), elvish equivalent of Romeo and Juliette. Sweet food, terribly fond of snacks.
Dislikes: In general, wizards (except an obvious friend). Studying magic.

Prized Possessions: Her (MASTERCLASS) lute, which she tunes and maintains meticulously.

Misc Facts: An easy-going individual, despite her noble upbringing. Quite the airhead…but apparently smarter than she looks.

Or is she?

Lady Ya'ana, First Daughter of the Aleamitore Family

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