The Village of Guerreford.

A small village of only 247 residents, it’s located in the dangerous Borderlands Region. Protected by a simple wood palisade and a town militia. Some ancient ruins lay a full day’s hike north-west of the village. They’re the subject of many a local legend. Supposedly they hold a great treasure but no one’s ever looked because they’re also rumoured to be haunted.

Places to Visit:

Prominent Residents:

Recent News and Rumours:

  • The whole village is on low alert after the party wiped out the Orcish raiders.
  • Constable Hayden is taking advantage of the lull in attacks by commissioning some construction to bolster the town’s defenses.
  • Cedric is incompetent as always.
  • “Did you hear? A traveling peddler came to town just last night. Apparently he’s one of Cedric’s traders and he’s got a wagon loaded with goods from all over. Word is he’s staying for a couple nights to do trade with the locals before heading off to Larkstower.”
  • After a productive spring, this year’s harvest looks to be very bountiful. If all goes well, the townsfolk won’t feel the bite of winter as much as last season.
  • Harvest Tine is approaching along with it’s accompanied festivities.
  • Borderlands have always had to endure repeated raids by Orc and Goblin tribes. However, in recent years, the raids have become bolder and more frequent. This is possibly a result of the weakening local government and the gradual recall of militia from the area. Their presence was a direct deterrent to raids and now much of the borderlands have become lawless.

Bardic Lore:

  • The ruins are stuff of local legend. Supposedly they hold a great treasure but no one’s every looked because they’re also supposedly haunted.
  • The ruins were once an old fortress-monastery that belonged to an old order of Holy Knights. It was burned down and sacked during a long-forgotten war between a local tyrant and the order. Supposedly, there was an ancient relic stored there by the Knights but it was hidden or lost shortly before the fortress’s destruction. Some say the tyrant attacked the fortress because he wanted the relic for himself.
  • The town name is actually derived from the ancient battle that took place between the Tyrant’s troops and the Knights of the Holy Order on the banks of nearby river.


  • The party had previously been hired to rescue or confirm the status of two missing farmers and hopefully drive off the Orcish raiders. After being away from the town for a few days, the party returned to the town after rescuing the two missing farmers and slaughtering the Orcish menace. The townsfolk are very happy about this and will go out of their way to help out the heroes. For their efforts, they received 475 gp from Constable Hayden.

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