XP Policy

General Policy:

I’ll award exp at the end of each session. You get it for completing combat encounters, skill challenges, and quests. Exceptional roleplaying may also be awarded with extra individual XP.

Earning Bonus XP:

Each week we’ll have a new person write up a journal entry/session summary for that week. Upon completion your character automatically gets 5% of the total experience needed to achieve the next level. (example: Micah completed a journal entry for our third session. He needs 1000 xp total to achieve 2nd level. 5% of 1000 is 50, therefore he earns 50xp for Carlos the Dwarf.)

I will award your character with 100 experience points if you post a sketch of your character and a short character bio (at least 150 words). (Only applies at 1st level)

Missing Sessions:

If you miss a session I will be bummed out and possibly annoyed with you, but I know life isn’t perfect and we have other commitments like school, etc. SO, if you cannot attend a session you have two options:

  • you can have your character can “mysteriously disappear” and earn the minimum default xp earned that session and no treasure.
  • or you can can either designate (ahead of time) another player to play your character for you (they have to agree to this too). If you chose this option your character can still earn treasure however your character also runs the risk of dying. This is the trade-off. In case of character death, it is the is original player’s responsibility and not the surrogate player’s because, ultimately, the original player has the final say as to whether-or-not to leave their character in “day-care”. This means you should probably let someone you trust run your character if you decide to have a surrogate play in your stead.

If you miss a session it will be your job to ensure your character’s stats are up to date, ie: leveling them up if they earned enough exp last session to do so.

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XP Policy

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